News: Anthem/CalPERS PPO (PERSCare, PERSChoice, PERSSelect, and other PPO coverages)

1. Anthem-CalPERS PPO- Recent Events)

To access the most recent docket of the Heinz et al v. Anthem/CalPERS PPOcase (BC664844) please visit the case summary section of the Superior Court, County of Los Angeles, at

You should see a web page on the Superior Court’s site like this:

The case number is BC664844.

Click Search, which should lead you a current page that looks something like this:

2. Copies of Filings

You can also get copies of all public filings in the Superior Court, County of Los Angeles, at

The administrative fees are noted, but you may continue as Guest:

To access the files, you need to enter the case number BC664844

You can then access the publicly filed documents in the case:

3. Appeal

The case has already been on appeal once. You can get a copy of the appellate opinion through the Court of Appeal, Second District website.

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